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Meet the Wash Park Tutors

Tracy Loftis

Tracy, a Colorado native with 35 years of experience working with children, has dedicated 31 years to the classroom setting. She holds a B.S. from the University of North Texas, majoring in general and special education with a minor in mathematics—an area she is particularly passionate about. Tracy’s teaching journey spans grades preschool through eighth, encompassing both private and public schools, and covering general and special education settings. Beyond the classroom, she has engaged in coaching swimming and gymnastics, teaching Sunday school and youth groups, and providing tutoring support.

Tracy’s teaching philosophy centers on fostering trusting relationships with students through one-on-one interactions. She encourages them to take risks and operate within their zone of proximal development, allowing controlled struggles, especially in challenging areas like word problems, to promote a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and independence. Outside of her professional life, Tracy relishes the beauty of the Colorado outdoors, values time with family and friends, enjoys reading and crafting, and finds comfort in the company of her two bunnies and three “grandpuppies.” Tracy is thrilled to be part of the Wash Park Tutoring team.


Our Matching process

Our distinctive matching process ensures your child is paired with the right tutor, receiving individualized care for enduring success.

Our passionate tutors forge strong relationships, collaborating with teachers, learning specialists, and parents to understand your child's learning style. We understand that the bedrock of a successful education is forged through a strong and nurturing connection between the student and the teacher.

As students cultivate trust in their educators, they develop self-confidence, embrace learning from mistakes, and acquire the tools for lasting success.