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Our Policies

Session Cancellation

All appointments must be cancelled by or before 7:00pm the day before your appointment is scheduled to occur. If an appointment is not cancelled within the appropriate cancellation period, full lesson fees will apply. We ask that you let us know about a cancellation as soon as possible. To cancel your appointment, please contact your child’s tutor. If no one is available, please leave a message. Messages time-stamped before 7:00pm the day before the scheduled appointment will be cancelled without financial penalty.

Late Policy

Any session that begins late due to student tardiness will still conclude at the scheduled finish time.


Wash Park Tutoring requires pre-payment of the first 7 sessions of tutoring for all new students. Once the first tutoring package is complete, all families will be automatically enrolled in our pay as you go system.  Tutoring sessions are invoiced at the end of the month.  Invoices are emailed to the email address on file and  are due upon receipt. Customer is responsible for any returned payment fees.

Group Tutoring

In the event the full group is not present for a session an alternate tutoring rate will occur. For example, if your child attends a 3 person tutoring session, but only 2 students are present and the 3rd student cancelled on time, the 2 person group tutoring rate will apply to the 2 students present. If one individual or more in a group session cancels late (see cancellation policy above), the absent child/children will still be charged and the pre-established group tutoring rate will still apply as long as the number of students being charged for the session is equal to the number of students assigned to the group.


All tutoring packages must be used within 6 months of the first scheduled tutoring session. Any sessions unused after this period are non-refundable.

In-Home Tutoring Policy

Wash Park Tutoring requires another adult to be present in the house when tutoring is occurring. The child and tutor need access to a quiet space with minimal distraction. In-home tutoring cannot occur behind a closed door. If these requirements cannot be met, tutoring can occur at a public library.

Online Tutoring Policy

Wash Park Tutoring requires students have access to a quiet space with minimal distraction. Students must have their audio and video functions operating. Students needing technical assistance must have access to in-home help (older sibling, adult). Student must be prepared on-time for sessions with required materials (writing utensils, paper, multiplication tables, books, login passwords, etc.)