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Our Academic Subjects


Our expert math tutors utilize a range of instructional techniques, incorporating games, kinesthetic activities, and real-world applications to cultivate a profound understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts. Tailoring our approach to various curriculums, such as Singapore Math, Bridges, and Engage NY, is central to fostering confidence and a passion for overcoming mathematical challenges in every student.


Addressing reading challenges is a priority for our dedicated reading tutors, who tackle issues like phonological processing and comprehension. Through direct, multisensory teaching, we guide students to develop fluency, enabling them to effortlessly decode words and concentrate on understanding the text. As students progress, our tutors adeptly respond to the evolving expectations in reading, providing tools and structures that empower them to comprehend complex texts emphasizing that with the right instruction, anyone can read fluently with full comprehension.


Our writing tutors at Wash Park Tutoring specialize in guiding students through the challenging domain of writing. By deconstructing the writing process into manageable components and offering direct instruction, we empower students to navigate writing prompts, construct coherent arguments, articulate their ideas with grammatical precision, and develop a genuine appreciation for effective communication. We firmly believe that, with the right guidance, every child can become a successful writer.

Executive Functioning

Additionally, we recognize the pivotal role of executive functioning skills in academic success. Our tutors work collaboratively with students to enhance their executive functions, such as time management, organization, and goal-setting, essential for effective learning. Wash Park Tutoring is committed to laying the groundwork for academic excellence by prioritizing fundamental skills and empowering each student to reach their highest potential.


Skills that we cover

Beyond core subjects, our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping students master a spectrum of skills, including:

Homework Support

Test Prep

Study Skills

Foreign Language

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