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About Wash Park Tutoring

Wash Park Tutoring was founded on the firm belief that every child possesses the potential for academic and social/emotional growth as well as learning success with the right guidance.

Since 2012, we have collaborated with over 500 families in the Denver Metro area, earning multiple Family Favorite Tutoring Awards from Colorado Parent Magazine. As an independent local tutoring organization, we boast a profound understanding of local schools and curricula. Our Denver tutors bring a wealth of skills and training, enabling them to craft individualized pathways to success for each child.

Recognizing the anguish parents and caregivers feel when their child encounters challenges, Wash Park Tutoring is dedicated to providing support not only to the child but also to you—the parent or caregiver—throughout the tutoring journey. We stand ready to address your inquiries, discuss your child’s specific needs, and offer a comforting presence during challenging times. After each tutoring session, Wash Park Tutoring delivers detailed lesson reports to parents and caregivers.

In our commitment to excellence, Wash Park Tutoring actively seeks feedback from both clients and tutors. This ensures that we continually refine and enhance the tutoring experience, striving to deliver nothing short of the best for your child’s educational journey.

Meet our founder, Stephanie Rosalky

Stephanie Rosalky, the founder of Wash Park Tutoring, has a wealth of educational expertise, holding a Master’s in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount and a Bachelor’s in Business from CU-Boulder. Her teaching journey started in Los Angeles with Teach for America over 15 years ago, and since then, Stephanie has devoted her time to shaping young minds, spanning from pre-school to 8th grade.

Fuelling Stephanie’s enduring passion for education is the belief that each child is unique. This conviction forms the foundation of Wash Park Tutoring’s approach – tailored tutoring sessions designed to meet individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long/frequent are tutoring sessions?

Answer: Students meet with their tutor 1-3 times per week for 45-75 minute sessions. Our knowledgeable advisor will collaborate with you to craft a customized tutoring schedule that aligns with your child's specific needs.

Question: Where are sessions held?

Answer: We offer the convenience of in-home tutoring, and if that's not feasible, our tutors are delighted to meet at a nearby library. For sessions conducted at home an adult is required to be present throughout the entire tutoring session, in addition to the tutor.

Question: What materials are used for tutoring sessions?

Answer: Our tutors utilize a diverse range of materials during sessions, always arriving with meticulously planned lessons tailored to your child’s learning requirements. We prioritize flexibility and are more than willing to incorporate a curriculum of your choice into the tutoring sessions.

Question: How much does tutoring cost?

Answer: Wash Park Tutoring sessions start at $70 with convenient options for electronic payments and credit cards. For a comprehensive pricing list, please contact

Question: How does the matching process work?

Answer: Our initial phone call is designed to understand your child academically and personally, initiating the process of matching them with the perfect tutor for your family. Wash Park Tutoring presents tutoring options, empowering you to make the ultimate decision about which tutor aligns best with your family's preferences and needs.

Question: Can I switch to a different tutor?

Answer: Our careful matching process usually means students don't ask to change tutors. But if you or your child is unhappy with their current tutor, you can request a new one.

Question: What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Answer: Our tutors are professional educators, with many currently serving as classroom teachers. The majority hold a master's degree in an education-related field. Each tutor brings a minimum of 2 years of teaching and/or tutoring experience, and their backgrounds are thoroughly vetted through official criminal history checks

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