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Meet the Wash Park Tutors

Sara Hummel

Sara is a passionate and creative early childhood educator who has taught in the classroom for nine years. Holding a degree in Human Development and Family studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education, Sara is committed to applying her knowledge of cognitive development to deliver strong, age-appropriate instruction to her students. This is exemplified by her gamified lessons that engage students through play, personal interests, movement, and song. Sara’s greatest joys in teaching come from both developing relationships with students and their families and in the creative aspect of building learning materials that facilitate strong student learning. Sara’s gentle but firm teaching style holds students at a high expectation to reach their fullest potential, while also letting them know that they are safe to make mistakes, have fun, take risks, and learn from their experiences!

Sara has taught both kindergarten and first grade in Aurora Public Schools, and she holds a strong track record in accelerating student growth in all subject areas. She has received additional training in the Science of Reading, Social-Emotional Learning, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. When Sara is not teaching, she enjoys hiking, crafting, skiing, cooking, and attending concerts with her friends and family!


Our Matching process

Our distinctive matching process ensures your child is paired with the right tutor, receiving individualized care for enduring success.

Our passionate tutors forge strong relationships, collaborating with teachers, learning specialists, and parents to understand your child's learning style. We understand that the bedrock of a successful education is forged through a strong and nurturing connection between the student and the teacher.

As students cultivate trust in their educators, they develop self-confidence, embrace learning from mistakes, and acquire the tools for lasting success.