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Susan Green

Susan is a seasoned educator with 16 years of teaching experience in both public and private schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beyond her extensive classroom background, she has tutored students aged 8 to 18 and transitioned into a second career, offering private English tutor lessons to adults globally. Susan’s core passion revolves around instilling a love for learning and curiosity in her students. Renowned for her patience, compassion, and kindness, she possesses a robust understanding of child development. Using a varied set of strategies, Susan aims to instill confidence and success in her students.

Her commitment to professional growth is reflected in her participation in courses covering teaching math, reading strategies, writing, and Slingerland reading—an Orton-Gillingham adaptation for entire classrooms. With five years of experience teaching at a school for gifted and talented children, Susan excels in differentiating instruction to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. Outside the realm of education, Susan finds joy in her family life with two sons residing in California and Colorado. She revels in playing with her five grandchildren, exploring Colorado, traveling, cooking, reading, crafting, sewing, and particularly, teaching English to women from Afghanistan.


Our Matching process

Our distinctive matching process ensures your child is paired with the right tutor, receiving individualized care for enduring success.

Our passionate tutors forge strong relationships, collaborating with teachers, learning specialists, and parents to understand your child's learning style. We understand that the bedrock of a successful education is forged through a strong and nurturing connection between the student and the teacher.

As students cultivate trust in their educators, they develop self-confidence, embrace learning from mistakes, and acquire the tools for lasting success.