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Rachel Schreier

With 13 years of experience in education, Rachel’s journey began in Japan at a small international school where she eventually rose to the position of Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Her time in Japan ignited a passion for working with diverse learners and fostering an appreciation for the unique cultures each student brings to the table. This passion led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2012. Since then, Rachel has held various roles in Denver Public Schools, including kindergarten teacher, 2nd grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher, and English Language Development specialist. Currently, she serves as a 2nd grade teacher and is an active member of the instructional leadership team at her school.

Rachel specializes in early literacy and math, extending her expertise to assist students in preparing college essays, creative writing auditions, contest entries, and managing homeschool or remote school coursework. Her approach is marked by enthusiasm for learning and a flexible, patient demeanor, providing extra support or encouragement when needed. Rachel firmly believes in fostering trust and empathy in the student-teacher relationship, recognizing it as the foundation for productive work. In her leisure time, she indulges in hiking, quilting, and the company of her two dogs, Boom and Basil.


Our Matching process

Our distinctive matching process ensures your child is paired with the right tutor, receiving individualized care for enduring success.

Our passionate tutors forge strong relationships, collaborating with teachers, learning specialists, and parents to understand your child's learning style. We understand that the bedrock of a successful education is forged through a strong and nurturing connection between the student and the teacher.

As students cultivate trust in their educators, they develop self-confidence, embrace learning from mistakes, and acquire the tools for lasting success.