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Brittany Besnyl

Brittany has been teaching middle school math for the past 5 years. She grew up in California and received her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School and Master of Education from UC Riverside. In the classroom, Brittany teaches math conceptually using manipulatives, models, and connections to real-life based on students’ interests. Her motto as a math teacher is progress rather than perfection. She works to instill a growth mindset in every student where they can be proud of the skills they have improved at, rather than giving up when there are skills they have still not mastered. Brittany differentiates for each student based on their individual needs to fill in previous math gaps while also ensuring they receive proper supports and scaffolds to understand their current grade level content.

Brittany enjoys reading books, playing sports, watching shows, playing board games, and going hiking with her 2 dogs. Due to her love of board games, Brittany incorporates games and activities into her math lessons along with incentive systems for students to earn prizes when they are working hard.


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